Strategic Energy Technology Plan

Strategic Energy Technology Plan

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) aims to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies. It seeks to improve new technologies and bring down costs by co-ordinating research and helping to finance projects.

The SET-Plan promotes research and innovation efforts across Europe by supporting technologies with the greatest impact on the EU's transformation to a low-carbon energy system. It promotes cooperation amongst EU countries, companies, research institutions, and the EU itself.

The SET-Plan includes the SET-Plan Steering Group, European Industrial Initiatives, the European Energy Research Alliance, and the SET-Plan Information System.

Accelerating the European energy system transformation- An integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan to implement the 5th pillar of the Energy Union

The European Commission’s Energy Union strategy, adopted in February 2015, dedicates one of its five dimensions to research, innovation and competitiveness. The integrated SET-Plan will play a central role in a new European energy Research & Innovation (R&I) approach designed to accelerate the energy system transformation. A communication addressing the European energy system transformation and the role of the SET-Plan will be adopted in the beginning of September.
The new Integrated SET-Plan Communication defines the new European R&I Strategy for the EU for the coming years. It will provide the overall framework for promoting strengthened cooperation in R&I between the EU, Member States and stakeholders (research and industry), in order to step up the efforts to bring new, efficient and cost-competitive low-carbon technologies faster to the market and deliver the energy transition in a cost-competitive way. In particular, the Integrated SET-Plan:
- Identifies 10 actions for research and innovation, based on an assessment of the energy system needs and on their importance for the energy system transformation and the potential to create growth and jobs in the EU;

- Addresses for these actions the whole innovation chain, from basic research to market uptake, both in terms of financing as well as in terms of regulatory framework;

- Adapts the structures set up under the SET-Plan to ensure a more effective interaction with Member States and stakeholders;

- Proposes to measure progress as part of the annual reporting of the State of the Energy Union via overall Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), such as the level of investment in R&I, as well as specific KPI’s to measure progress on the performance and cost-reduction for the priorities.

SET-Plan Steering Group

The EU Steering Group on Strategic Energy Technologies (SET- Plan Steering Group) consists of high-level representatives from EU countries, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey. The SET-Plan Steering Group coordinates the implementation of the SET-Plan and promotes joint initiatives between groups of EU countries and the EU.

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European Industrial Initiatives

The European Industrial Initiatives (EIIs) bring together EU countries, industry, and researchers in key areas. They promote the market uptake of key energy technologies by pooling funding, skills, and research facilities.

European Wind Initiative website

European Wind Industrial Initiative Team 

Solar Europe Initiative website

European Solar Industrial Initiative Team 

European Electricity Grid Initiative website

European Electricity Grids Industrial Initiative Team 

European CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage Initiative website

European CCS Industrial Initiative Team 

Sustainable Nuclear Initiative website

European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative Team 

European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative website

The Smart Cities and Communities Initiative website

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH) Joint Technology Initiative website

European Energy Research Alliance

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) aims to accelerate new energy technology development through working together on pan-European programmes. Research institutes and universities participating in EERA jointly identify these programmes, coordinate research efforts, and share information.

European Energy Research Alliance website 

SET-Plan Information System

The EU's SET-Plan Information System (SETIS) provides information on the state of low-carbon technologies. It also assesses the impact of energy technology policies, reviews the costs and benefits of various technological options, and estimates implementation costs. This information is useful for the European Industrial Initiatives, private companies, trade associations, the European Energy Research Alliance, international organisations, and financial institutions.

SETIS website

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