Enforcement of laws

Enforcement of laws

Ensuring EU energy law is respected


The European Commission oversees that EU countries fully and correctly apply EU energy law. When a country fails to do so, the Commission may take legal action by launching an infringement procedure and eventually referring the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union for a ruling.

List of energy related EU legislation

Progress towards completing the internal energy market: enforcement [SWD(2014)315]

Latest Commission decisions on energy infringements

Earlier energy infringement decisions


Competition and state aid

EU policies on fair competition cover energy policy in order to ensure the proper functioning of EU energy markets. The Commission's department for competition is responsible for enforcing competition rules on antitrust, cartels, mergers and state aid.

State aid is a key part of competition policy. The Commission's current state aid guidelines and rules on types of state aid compatible with the EU Treaty, are aimed at helping EU countries reach their 2020 and 2030 climate and energy targets without distorting the market.

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