Market analysis

Market analysis

Gas and electricity market reports

The European Commission publishes regular market analysis reports on European gas and electricity markets and energy prices and costs in Europe. The quarterly reports analyse the main factors behind price and volume evolutions on the market and they analyse gas and electricity market interactions between countries.

Gas market reports

Electricity market reports *

2015 Q3

2015 Q2

2015 Q1

2015 Q3

2015 Q2

2015 Q1







* Explanation on calculating volatility in electricity markets

Older reports

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Electricity market reports
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The Commission also publishes a report on developments in energy prices over the last 12 months covering petroleum, crude oil, coal, carbon, electricity and gas. A separate report is available on the history of dated brent crude oil prices since 2007 .

Retail electricity and gas prices

The Commission also publishes average electricity and gas retail prices for both households and industry by EU country.

2015 first half

Energy prices and costs

In 2014, the European Commission released a price report that analysed gas and electricity prices in EU countries between 2008 and 2012. It found that while retail prices for gas and electricity have risen, wholesale prices have declined significantly for electricity and remained stable for gas. The divergence in retail and wholesale prices results from factors including rising taxes and network costs, and the continued regulation of energy prices to many European households. 

The report recommended that:

  • the EU further develops its energy infrastructure, diversifies energy suppliers and routes, and speaks with a single European voice in negotiations abroad
  • EU countries implement all EU legislation in order to complete the internal energy market and make it possible for consumers to easily switch suppliers
  • more should to be done to increase energy efficiency in order to lower consumption
  • EU countries should share best practices when it comes to implementing European energy policies

A new study on energy prices and costs across Europe will be released in 2016.

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