The latest DG Energy newsletter is online!

The latest DG Energy newsletter is online!

Friday, 06 November 2015
Friday, 06 November 2015

Dear readers,

Let me bring you right up to date with all the progress made in a busy month of October.

We start our whistle-stop review of the month in the Baltic region where we made great and historic strides towards our energy security goal. Our commitment, enshrined in the Energy Union, is to bolster the resilience of European energy markets and ensure that no country is left out in the cold. This month we backed up that commitment in the form of a €300 million grant agreement for a gas pipeline between Poland and Lithuania. The signing ceremony was attended by President Jean Claude Juncker, Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete and Heads of State and Government of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Estonia. This will end the historic isolation of the Baltic Sea region and provide the energy needed to fuel the region's economic recovery.

Further south in Tirana, Albania, the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community adopted a 20% headline target on energy efficiency and took decisive steps to boost trans-European energy infrastructure regulation. This is another important building block in strengthening the EU's energy relationship with the Energy Community.

Back in Brussels, we continued the countdown to the COP21 climate conference, by hosting the new Covenant of Mayors ceremony. The Covenant of Mayors initiative involves over 6500 cities across Europe and the world and has been at the vanguard of efforts to put local responsibility at the heart of our energy goals. It will now be joined by its sister initiative, Mayors Adapt, to  ensure local action is at the heart of our energy and climate policies. And there was further good news ahead of Paris from the European Environmental Agency. According to its report released last month, greenhouse gas emissions have fallen every year in the last decade. Energy policies have been at the heart of that success and I can assure you, that with the Energy Union, they will continue to contribute to the emission reduction goal.

Still, there is no room for complacency. There is much to be done and DG Energy is working at full speed to deliver on each of the Energy Union's five dimensions. Because, as the Commission's Work Programme for 2016 has made very clear, "there is no time for business as usual". The programme, adopted on 27 October, sets out our legislative and policy programme for the next year and on our side will include initiatives on a new energy market design, on reaching the 15% electricity interconnection target by 2030, on energy security of supply, on renewables and energy efficiency.

And while we look ahead to the upcoming legislation, I would like to thank all of those who gave us their opinion on EU's rules for energy efficiency in buildings. We will certainly take your views into account when we review the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

And let me finish by reminding you to keep an eye out this month on the first State of the Energy Union Report. It will provide us with a detailed update on progress made in implementing the Energy Union.

Thank you.

Dominique Ristori

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