COP21 climate summit: our activities in Paris

COP21 climate summit: our activities in Paris

30 November 2015 to 11 December 2015

COP2s objective is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world. The agreement should limit global temperature increase to 2°C above pre-industrial times.

The energy sector is responsible for some 60% of global emissions, making it a top priority for climate action. The European Commission’s department for energy, DG Energy, will be at COP21 showcasing the achievements of Europe’s renewable energy policies and industry in the fight against climate change.

Renewables will, for the first time at a UN climate conference, take centre stage through a series of high profile events taking place as part of the ‘renewable energy track’. The events will show how renewable energy is the fastest, cleanest, most-reliable and most economical way to meet climate goals.

Events co-organised by DG Energy:

4 December 2015

Workshop on reneweable energy in cities
Workshop on renewable energy and agriculture

6 December 2015

International conference: Re-energising the future
Taking place during the COP21 conference in Paris, DG Energy is co-organising a conference centred on creating a renewable-energy powered world.
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8 December 2015

Flagship event on cities and regions: the globalisation of the Covenant of Mayors


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